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LegalLeads Digital is a simple, yet sophisticated, marketing company. We perform one mission each and every day. We provide legal leads to law firms. 

Our expertise is providing our legal partners vetted MVA leads, personal injury leads, and workers’ comp leads. We are masters of our craft, and each day we refine our process based on ever-changing market conditions. 

The quality of our leads is the foundation of our business. And our business is to help those injured find the justice they deserve by connecting them with the most qualified person to achieve this. It is a very personal mission, and we do not take it lightly.

Validated Legal Leads

Are your leads validated? 10% of lead providers have full validation in place.

Qualified Legal Leads

Exclusive and vetted leads. You don’t pay for hoax, duplicates, wrong numbers.

Cheap Legal Leads

Your choice of delivery in real-time: CRM, live transfer, e-mail, or hosted forms.

Lead Follow-up Automations

Follow-up automations to help you stay connected to your lead flow.

We Find Prospects that Become Clients

Lead quality is the foundation of our business. Your sales team will love the leads we provide, and they’ll recognize the quality within 2 weeks. This means one thing for your law firm…conversions. We provide leads that convert. Of course every lead will not convert, but the return on spend is proven. And we have systems to help you with follow-up and improved conversion.

Quality Legal Leads
Legal Leads Under $100

Relationships Made Simple

At LegalLeads Digital, we keep it simple. You don’t pay for campaign set-up, build out, landing pages, or a “getting started” fee. You give us the green light, and we’ll set everything up and qualified leads start flowing within 7 days, and then you start converting the leads to grow your practice. We deliver the leads directly to your CRM, and then you do your part to help people achieve justice.

Singular Focus

At LegalLeads Digital, providing our clients with the highest quality legal leads and personal injury leads is all we do. It is our singular focus each and every day. We have a team of cutting edge marketers that know the lead platforms that deliver quality today. And they are always changing, so we work hard to stay ahead of the curve. We are diligent to always improve and extend our mastery. This means quality prospects for our clients.

Workers Comp Leads in Florida
Personal Injury Leads for Cheap

Lead Quality is King

When we start sending leads your way, we are not testing. The testing is complete. We are delivering leads from proven funnels and campaigns that have been tested, optimized, and proven. And our validation and segmentation is crème de la crème. We have filters along the way that separate the wheat from the chaff, so only the highest quality leads hit your CRM or inbox. Hoax leads, duplicate leads, and wrong phone numbers are replaced. Lead quality is King.

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MVA Leads

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Workers' Comp Leads

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