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LegalLeads Digital is the market leader for legal leads in the MVA, personal injury, SSD, and workers’ comp space.

What determines a quality lead? Our leads come from proven, optimized funnels that have checks and validation along the way to your inbox.

We have been doing this for a decade, and we get better every year. We know the pain of paying for leads that stink up your inbox. And not every lead is quality, but with our process you will receive a return on your spend.

Leads that We Offer

We have proven funnels inside of proven campaigns that can generate leads in a number of areas. All we have to do for each new client is duplicate and customize the campaigns so they speak clearly to your target audience. We then send the warm prospect directly to your CRM (or other preferred delivery method).

Our primary expertise are the following (3) types of legal leads:

Our Leads

Our Process

At LegalLeads Digital, we place a premium on keeping the process simple.

Here is our process in 5 simple steps:

  1. Complete our qualifying quiz to make sure that we have a good fit.
  2. Complete the Lead Order form online with all of the details of your lead order. We will email you the online form to be completed.
  3. Make payment for the type of leads you want, and the quantity of leads, and e-sign our 1-page agreement.
  4. We build and customize the campaigns for your target location and lead type.
  5. Leads start delivering on the date you specify on the lead order form, as early as 72 hours.

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Here are the main items we need to get your order going quickly:

  • Type of leads you want
  • Quantity of leads per week
  • Date when you want lead delivery to start
  • Across what time period you want the ordered leads delivered
  • How you want the leads delivered (Email, SMS/Text, CRM, Spreadsheet, etc)
  • Special considerations unique to your needs and your firm

Once we have these bases covered, we’re off to the races. You can expect to receive leads within 3 business days of placing your order. We’ll go to work on our end building and customizing the campaigns, and nailing down the all-important creative. And our lead delivery system is seamless and efficient. 

To learn more about our process, contact us to schedule a 10-minute assessment call to determine if we are a fit.