Are TV ads or Online Lead Generation Better?

Are TV ads or Online Lead Generation Better?

It’s true that generating leads through the Internet tends to cost less and save you time than TV ads, but which is more effective? This brief review between TV ads and Online Lead Generation will give you the information needed to make the right choice for your firm. It’ll also provide tips to help you improve your lead generation, even if it’s not your primary focus.

After this article, you should have no problem finding the right marketing strategy that will help you expand your business!

Advantages of Television Advertising For Branding

When it comes to brand recognition, television advertising stands. Whether you choose to show a 30-second ad or a two-minute commercial, there’s something about watching moving images on a large screen that sticks in your mind.

People remember companies that advertise on television, making it easy to tell friends and family about your new venture. For many years now, TV has been considered one, if not the best, way to get clients in front of millions.

According to a recent survey by Adweek, consumers still consider TV their favorite way to learn about new products and services. Besides being effective for branding purposes, television ads can also be expensive compared to other forms of advertising.

If you have an annual budget of $5 million or less, you could likely run a successful campaign with an average cost per thousand viewers (CPM) of around $10-$15. To put things into perspective, national online banner ads usually run at approximately $0.50 CPM, while local spots typically range from $1-$3 CPM depending on market size and competition level.

Advantages of Lead Generation

Online Lead GenerationUsing online lead-generation methods like email marketing, webinars, and social media to engage with potential customers allows you to build a pipeline of highly-targeted leads. This strategy offers several benefits that don’t come with traditional TV ad campaigns.

For instance, targeted lead generation campaigns allow you to emphasize building relationships with customers that are more likely to convert into paying clients or repeat buyers than non-targeted leads would be. Also, because these ads are geared explicitly towards interests, they’re less likely to irritate customers who aren’t already aware of what you have to offer.

The other major advantage to using online lead generation techniques is that it gives you access to data about your target audience members at every stage of their journey, from awareness through purchase—and even after their initial purchase. Data analysis can help companies determine how best to market themselves, increase sales over time, and avoid wasting money on ineffective advertising campaigns.

Finally, by working directly with customers instead of broadcasting advertisements at them from afar, businesses can actually develop stronger connections with consumers—and often find new ways to improve their products based on customer feedback.

How to Choose What’s Best for You

Both TV Ads and Online Lead Generation can help you grow a healthy business, but only if you choose what’s best for you. It would help your firm if you thought through about what your needs are. How much money do you want to spend on advertising?

What kind of leads do you want to target? Do these products work together well, or will they just confuse customers more than they reach them? If you spend money on an ad, it needs to reach your audience in a way that makes sense in your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

It’s not an either-or question. The best businesses use both marketing tactics, letting each perform its unique role. Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Spend big on TV ads that speak to a large audience if you want to brand your company as a thought leader.
  2. If you’re looking to generate leads in volume, then run pay-per-click campaigns on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads that get laser-focused on specific products and services. (1)

It all comes back to strategy—and every business owner should have a rock-solid one before putting up any money. You can only hope to recoup your investment when you start with a plan!

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