Auto Accident Leads

Auto Accident Leads

Auto accident leads are key to your pipeline if you’re an attorney representing these clients in your law firm. And your pipeline needs to be consistently delivering prospects to ensure a growing and thriving practice.

Many attorneys are so busy that they don’t have time to think about future proofing their practice. However, this is risky, because any pipeline can thin out or even dry up over time.

So it’s vital to your practice to make sure you keep your finger on the proverbial pulse of your firm’s future business.

Lead Quality for Auto Accident Leads in 2022

And as you know, the quality of these prospects is crucially important. It is the difference between prospects that are lightly browsing their options, versus prospects seeking representation and immediate action.

There are many advances in digital applications that have improved lead quality. There are ways to ensure phone numbers are real, emails are real, and if the prospect is legitimate. However, 90% of digital advertisers are not fully utilizing these advanced tools in order to maximize the quality of each lead.

They are content to send as many leads to their clients as possible. Many agencies believe this is the best approach. If you attack with volume, the more likely you’ll have a few rare gems fall out from this chaotic approach.

At LegalLeads Digital, our approach is different. We believe that you outreach team or sales team is best served by contacting only quality leads. We don’t want to waste your time, or their time, with energy spend chasing low quality or hoax leads. 

Finding Auto Accident Victims

There are many ways to find victims of auto accidents. The key is having the technology and experience working in tandem to seek and find these prospects 24/7. A continuous, finely-tuned machine that is always connecting with those needing help. But only connecting with those really in need of help.

It is a combination art and science, and also the ability to discern their true need. At LegalLeads Digital, our expertise is walking these prospects through a process to correctly determine the level of this need.

We drill down on driver demographics to understand our audience in detail. We know who drives the most, who drives the least, where they drive, why they drive, and more. 

There are many demographics to understand:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Residency
  • Vehicle Type
  • Ethnicity
  • Passenger vs Driver
  • Safety Restraints
  • Causes of Accident (speed, alcohol, weather)
  • Road Type (interstate, local)

Understanding all of this data, and how it fits together, is key to our advertising approach. If the ad does not cut through the noise of the day and connect with the prospect, then it may as well not exist. It’s just taking up space and wasting advertising dollars.

Connecting With the Accident Prospect

The key is to know what questions to ask, when and how to ask, and extract this information while still keeping the prospect’s interest. It’s a delicate balance that is only properly achieved through years of testing and practice.

Many of our attorney partners have tried running ad campaigns on their own. Some have added these duties to internal staff, or a small sales team. They often realize there is serious expertise required to make these advertising dollars a success.

The process is complex, and there are many moving parts that must work in sync. And what is often overlooked is that it takes years of testing, and good ole’ fashioned trial and error. You could take the most seasoned advertising expert, but if they’re new to running campaigns for auto accident leads then it will take them six months to scratch the surface.

You just won’t know what works until you test hundreds of ads, creative, headlines, videos, copy, images, landing pages, trust badges, and more. This is where experience and expertise rules the day.

And we consider it a valuable service to connect with and help those in need. The United States has the highest rate of motor vehicle crash deaths among high-income countries. And sadly, while many other countries are able to achieve continued safety measures to drive this number down, we seem to drift and flounder.

So helping these accident victims who are horribly impacted by auto accidents, by no fault of their own, is a sacred cause.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At LegalLeads Digital, we have a team of professionals that have a decade of experience in getting results with auto accident leads. Our campaigns are testing and proven.

We deliver these high quality prospects that are looking for an effective, reputable, and experienced attorney to solve their problem.

These auto accident victims are looking for help and support during a dark hour. And connecting quickly with legal expertise and a support network is their saving grace.

Contact LegalLeads Digital today to learn more about our auto accident leads, and how they can help to grow your firm.