How Do Lawyers Get New Clients

Every law firm wants to grow its client base and grow its business. But the competition is tough, and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Even if you have the best service, lawyers and rates, if potential clients don’t know about you, they will go elsewhere. So how do lawyers get new clients? Keep reading to

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Pay Per Lead Advertising For Lawyers

Pay per lead advertising for lawyers is the most effective way to grow your firm in 2022. So if you’re a law firm in growth mode, or getting things off the ground in a new firm, then you should consider pay per lead advertising. And it really should be priority numeral uno. Protecting that incoming lead flow is vital to

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How Many Lead Sources Do You Need?

How many lead sources do you need? If you’re wondering how many lead sources you need, then you’re asking a great question! And although there is no right answer, there are definitely two wrong answers. What are the wrong answers? 1) zero 2) one Yeap, that’s it. If you have zero, or only one source of leads, then you’re walking

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