CRM Integration

At LegalLeads Digital, we stay on the cutting edge of lead generation technology, and CRM integration is a central part of the process. The digital market is a constantly evolving machine, and if you don’t stay ahead of it then your technologies will become antiquated very quickly. This can impact many things in the process, but most importantly the ability to convert leads into clients.

We take the time to make sure our processes and platforms are in step with the latest technology trends. This is largely dependent on the partnerships you align with. We only partner with the strongest technology providers in industry, and this produces quality for our legal clients.

LegalLeads Digital integrates with the most powerful CRM’s for law firms, and we are always finding and implementing new platforms. If your firm uses a high-powered CRM to manage your sales database, then we likely integrate with them.

CRM Integration With LegalLeads Digital

Zoho CRM Integration Law Firms
Law Ruler CRM Integration Law Firms
Salesforce Law Firms
Infusionsoft Integration Legal Leads
Copper CRM Integration Legal Leads
Legal Leads Integration with CRM
Insightly CRM Law Firms
Interaction CRM Law Firms
Nutshell CRM Law Firms

Biggest Problem With CRM’s

Many of the CRM’s in the digital market today are very closely matched. The biggest names in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, like all of those above, have more than enough technical capability to help your firm grow. And also provide you with a wealth of tools to manage your sales process.

The biggest problem with CRM’s from our own experience? User error. Yes, that’s right. It’s a hard truth, but a reality. Many firms make the plunge into a new CRM with the highest hopes, but the internal team never makes the full investment of time and commitment to really become experts. 

The best CRM’s are complicated and robust. To really get the most out of them, your firm’s sales team has to go all-in for six months. That’s how long it takes to really get comfortable, and fully utilize all aspects of the software. But it’s well worth it once you master your CRM.

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