Does Facebook Work For MVA Leads?

Does Facebook Work For MVA Leads?

Not entirely! Generally, Facebook leads are of poor quality. While the platform offers excellent filter and targeting options, the people seeing your ads are not necessarily in a buying frame of mind. They just stumble on your post, sponsored or not, on their feeds. Some click it if it is visually impressive but are not interested in seeking an MVA service or solution.

However, this doesn’t mean Facebook cannot work for MVA leads. But how do you ensure the leads you get from Facebook can convert? Keep reading to find out.

Quality of Lead Vetting

While Facebook has billions of users, it does not offer great motor vehicle accident (MVA) leads. The user’s primary goal on the platform is to socialize and not look for attorney services. They might follow your law firm’s page and click on sponsored ads. However, their intentions may not necessarily align with seeking MVA legal representation.

Trying to convert all the MVA leads you got from Facebook can be exhausting. Most of them are of low quality and will only drain your resources. Before handing them to you, your lead provider should first vet them. How well they do this will also determine your conversion rate.

The Screening Process and Quality Of The Lead Provider

If your lead provider uses Facebook advertising tools to attract MVA leads, the main task will be vetting them. This is where they get the necessary information from full name and contact to type of accident and location. However, the vetting or screening process is not uniform across all lead providers.

Some have a rigorous vetting process, while others only conduct basic checks. That is where quality lead providers stand out. For example, at Legal Leads Digital, we go beyond getting the contact information. We filter the Facebook leads by looking at factors such as who’s at fault, likelihood of litigation, and insurance coverage. That way, when we finally hand them to you, it would be easier for you to sign contracts.

Freshness Of The Leads

How good an MVA lead is also depends on how recent they are. Your lead generator should not wait until they have a whole booklet of leads to expedite them to you. Instead, you should get them as soon as they stream in and get vetted.

Generally, when a potential customer interacts with a Facebook ad, they have been in a motor accident recently and hope to talk to an attorney soon. If you contact them early, they will likely hire you to represent them. The longer it takes to reach them, the lower the conversion rate. They might have talked to another attorney and already settled on them.


Facebook MVA leads can be tricky. They are not of the best quality, but with the proper vetting process and quality lead provider, you can get something out of them. At Legal Leads Digital, we understand the importance of vetting and providing fresh leads to our clients. (1)

Our rigorous screening process increases your chances of converting Facebook leads into actual paying clients. We are proud to serve United States and Canada with our industry-leading service. For more information on how we can help you with MVA leads, contact us at (804) 534-2500 or complete our online form.

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