Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

All of our leads are exclusive.

We can target any area that you choose. For some leads, such as MVA leads, we require a 1-state minimum to provide sufficient lead quality. And depending on the type of lead, some states might be off limits.

Depending on the type of lead, we qualify the leads with screening questions.

We deliver leads according to the client's preference: email, SMS, CRM, Google sheets, etc. We can also deliver a combination of these delivery methods.

We use major ad platforms (and their display partners) to generate legal leads, including Google, Yahoo, Taboola, YouTube, and more. We use Facebook sparingly, as lead quality on this platform many times does not mean our quality standards.

Based on our competitive price per lead for MVA leads, you should be in the range of $1,750 CPA. 

While this is an answer that we cannot guarantee (because a lot depends on you), our typical client partners see a closing ratio of 6-12%. This requires solid processes for follow-up and lead nurturing, but most of our clients have mature lead intake.

Lead delivery will start within 3 business days of receiving payment.

This is dependent on the quantity of leads as well as the type of lead (W/C, MVA, SSD), as well as the geographic target area.