How to Find Legal Leads

Find Legal Leads

Knowing the very best way to find legal leads is important to keep your law practice growing and thriving. You might have a strong caseload today, but that can change if something in the market changes.

The very best way to mitigate this risk is to diversify the way in which you find legal leads. Diversity in your lead sources is the key to building your firm on bedrock, and not regolith. It’s very easy to get complacent when things are going well. But this is the time to fortify your position, and future-proof tomorrow’s lead opportunities.

Ways to Find Legal Leads

Here are the primary ways to find legal leads:

  • Lead generation providers
  • Your website through strong organic ranking
  • A strong social media profile
  • Traditional (antiquated) advertising such as radio and TV

Traditional Advertising (Dinosaur Marketing) 

Traditional advertising such as TV and radio is a great strategy for an omni-present approach. So if you’re trying to become the dominant personal injury attorney in a market, then you’ll need to have TV and radio in your wheelhouse. This is because it will be necessary if you want to become a household name. The go-to guy or gal for your legal service. 

Another way of putting this is branding. TV is great for branding campaigns, which is the omni-present strategy. It’s mainly reserved for large law firms with big budgets.

However, if your singular need is to generate quality legal leads, then as a strategy and return on advertising spend, TV and radio are inferior. Why? Very simply, it comes down to targeting.

When you advertise on TV and radio, a full 99%+ that you are marketing to in that moment have zero need for what you’re offering. However, with the power of digital platforms today, like Google Ads, Facebook, and YouTube, you can get very granular in your targeting. You can reach and connect with only (or mainly) those people that need your service. 

The Quickest Way to Achieve a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Of these different ways, the quickest way to find legal leads is from a reputable lead provider. Generating leads from your website takes time, but more on that later in the post.

There are many lead providers to choose from, but the question is, what is their experience and what is their process? Many lead providers generate leads from unproven funnels. They also do not have proper controls in place to optimize the lead quality. This includes validating aspects of the lead data, and also vetting and qualifying the leads.

For example, if you are running campaigns where you are just asking for name and email, without further qualification, the lead quality will be poor…very poor. However, if you are asking the prospect a number of qualifying questions, this will improve lead quality. And the more the better. You almost want to annoy them to some extent, that way if they make it through the funnel you know you’ve got a keeper.

The problem is, this takes experience and also technology to make all of this happen effectively, and cost effectively. So in finding legal leads that provide a return, it’s important to know the lead source. And the quality of their setup.

At LegalLeads Digital, we ask all prospective leads a series of qualifying questions. This drills down on the efficacy of the lead, and how legitimate their need is.

Many prospects are not serious about finding legal representation. They are just passing time on a Tuesday evening, and satisfying a passing curiosity about something in their experience. This is not the prospect that you want landing in your CRM.

You want prospects who have a legitimate need and a legitimate desire for legal assistance.

Legal Leads that Take Time and Lots of Work

Another way to find legal leads is through organic ranking on your website. But this is a long-term play, and it takes longer than it used to.

However, if you are in your practice for the long haul, then it is well worth the time. But if you’re looking to exit in a few years time, then it is not worth the time, energy, and capital to power your site to page 1 of Google. We have ranked sites all over the country, and know all the nitty gritty of what is required to do this.

At LegalLeads Digital, we have been in the digital space and lead generation space for a decade. We firmly believe in the power of diversity when it comes to your lead sources.

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Multi-Faceted Approach to Building Your Digital Reach

So we feel it important to have many digital channels moving in parallel. The best option is to have the following digital pieces all getting stronger each and every week:

  1. Website: fully optimizing your site, consistently building it out, generating links and votes for your site, and making it better on a weekly basis. This is one of the best long-term investments for your law practice.
  2. Social Profile: staying active on the main social platforms, and promoting your firm weekly in an always increasing way.
  3. Lead Generation Sources: finding a solid partner who has years of experience in the legal lead space. Many providers are jack of all trades, and master of none (legal, roofing, flooring, custom homes, dentists, etc). You must find a lead provider that specializes in legal leads. They will always be the best provider if they have the experience and processes.

Finding a strong and reputable lead provider is challenging. A solid lead provider will use a number of platforms and technologies to generate leads.

This is because the effectiveness of any one platform for generating legal leads is always changing. So the lead provider must be fully immersed and flexible to ensure the process is changing with market conditions.

This is very best way the very best way to find legal leads that convert into prospects. It is best to have a multi-faceted approach. This will always stand the test of time.

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