Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a crucial part of turning prospects into clients. If you don’t have these systems in place, you’ll give up half your clients over the course of years.

Why years? Nurturing leads is an ongoing process, and quite often a new lead is not ready to make a decision. But if your nurturing campaigns are dialed in, then prospects will become clients over time. It might be months, but it can also be years. The key is proper lead nurturing.

And we have found times that law firms might perceive there is an issue with lead quality. But with our help and technology they realize that the problem is follow-up and nurturing, not quality. 

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead NurturingLead nurturing is making sure you are staying connected to your leads from the point of first contact, to years in the future. It’s the way that your law firm stays top of mind for the prospect after the initial inquiry.

It’s achieved through email outreach, SMS outreach, newsletters, and more. These are also called automations. Why automations? Yeap, you guessed it. It’s all automated. It runs hands-free 24/7. It takes some time to set up correctly, but then it’s done. And it’s powerful.

At LegalLeads Digital, our clients use our proprietary software platform of nurturing automations. It’s just part of how we make our partner law firms the very best at what they do. With our tested and proven automations, when a new lead enters your funnel your firm will stay connected to the prospect and nurture them until they become clients.

What’s Involved in Nurturing Prospects?

There are many components to proper lead nurturing. 

You want to stay connected in the first few weeks, to make sure your warm leads have many options to contact you. In our world of information overload and digital distraction, you need to cut through the noise and connect with your prospect.

After the initial connection following lead delivery, your lead nurturing takes a different form that is more informative, yet still an undercurrent of “how can we help?” 

Monthly Connection for the Long Haul

And eventually you want your prospects turned clients to become an extension of your sales team. By keeping your firm in front of them with a monthly or quarterly newsletter, or the occasional email blast, you can turn the process into ongoing sales efforts.

At LegalLeads Digital, we have a full-scale digital blueprint that fully encompasses all aspects of lead nurturing. We’ll help you this set up in the first month, and then it runs on auto-pilot from that point forward. We’ll make tweaks along the way to always optimize your process based on analytics and client feedback, but the foundation work is done.

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