MVA Lead For Attorneys

MVA Lead for Attorneys

As a personal injury attorney, you must always be on the lookout for new sources of clients. Motor vehicle accidents are some of the most common cases that attorneys handle, so it makes sense to focus your efforts on finding leads for this type of case. There are an increasing number of platforms specializing in providing such information for attorneys.

But how will you know you’re getting quality MVA leads? There are a few key factors that you should look for:

Delivered in Real-Time

When purchasing leads, it’s critical that they get delivered in real-time. That’s because legal services are fast-paced, and many attorneys are vying for the same clients. The lead you get should be from the same day or, at most, the day before.

If your leads aren’t real-time, the person will likely have already been contacted by another attorney, and you’ll have lost your chance. Ensure you get in touch with your contact within 3 hours to maximize your chances of success.


MVA Lead for AttorneysThe leads you purchase should be exclusive, meaning they should never get sent to multiple attorneys. As a general principle, you don’t want to be sharing information with your competition.

Also, it’s unethical to bombard a person nursing injuries or pain of a loved one’s health condition with endless sales calls from multiple law firms. They will likely get annoyed and frustrated and probably refuse services from any of them just to make the calls stop.

When such happens, no one wins. To prevent that, ensure the platform offering these leads doesn’t sell them to other attorneys. At LegalLeads Digital, we understand legal business ethics and the language of exclusivity.

Vetted For Quality

To be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, ensure the leads are appropriately vetted for quality. The platform offering MVA leads should verify and confirm all the contact information, preferably by email and phone.

The leads should also be in the correct geographic area and adequately qualified. That means they should be people who are likely to need an attorney’s services and can afford to pay for those services. (1)

Additionally, the contact info should be complete. That includes not just an email and phone number but also the person’s name, mailing address, and other relevant information.

Such data allows you to do targeted marketing and understand what each lead is looking for instead of guessing.


MVA leads shouldn’t be just generic information. You need to focus on quality to succeed in your legal marketing efforts. Look for leads that are exclusive, real-time, and adequately qualified.

At LegalLeads Digital, we can provide you with the high-quality MVA leads needed to grow your personal injury practice. Contact us today to learn more.

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