MVA Leads

Cheap MVA Leads

MVA leads, or motor vehicle accident leads, should be at the top of the list for any attorney specializing in injury cases. 

Unfortunately, there are a consistent flow of vehicle accidents in the United States on a daily basis. Many of these people surprisingly do not know where to turn to remedy their misfortune. 

At LegalLeads Digital, we have years of optimization cutting through the noise and reaching this group of people on our advertising platforms. 

Our MVA leads are qualified and vetted to ensure the highest quality that the major platforms can produce. Our lead validation process has many steps of cleaning and vetting. And only 10% of the marketing companies take these additional actions to separate the proverbial wheat from chaff.

MVA Leads and Lead Validation

Most lead generation companies only screen their leads to validate the format of phone numbers and emails. So as long as the lead enters the correct format for a phone number or email, then the lead glides through unabated. And this can result in a whole lot of fishermen just testing waters to see what’s out there!

Our lead validation is next level, and this saves your contact team time, energy, and aggravation. Our validation not only includes format, but also runs the data through a filter. This is the key to identifying if it is legit data on a real person. 

Our technical partners have a complete database of people, as well as all of their contact info. So when someone inquires, their info is run through our filter. If it checks out, then it hits your inbox. If not, you won’t be bothered with a hoax lead.

Creative is King

MVA Leads that ConvertThere is an art form in delivering the right creative to find and help these people adversely impacted by motor vehicle accidents. Many times they have given up feeling it’s too late or not worth the effort. But in many cases, these people have very legitimate cases, and just need to be found and helped. 

We have years of experience testing and optimizing creative. Creative is the secret sauce that allows us to find qualified prospects that have a legitimate need for help. The creative is the shiny magnet that captures their attention and pulls the prospect in for a closer look.

The prospective MVA lead then runs through a proprietary filter that isolates the key factors related to their concern. This is done through a friendly interrogation that asks the right questions at the right time. Our process has been tested and proven over years, not months.

Lead Segmentation for Quality and Alignment

Based on the answers in the quiz and other data, our software determines the efficacy of the lead. If the prospect looks to have a solid legal case, then we route the lead your way. But if not, it is sidelined in the parking lot.

All of this happens in real-time, as time is the numeral uno priority, and you can learn more about that here. This is called lead segmentation, and we feel our process is crème de la crème in the industry. We have spent years getting this dialed in, and it’s a huge benefit to our legal partners.

Additionally, alignment and proper geo targeting is also paramount to providing leads that are top quality, as well as in your target location. We see on a weekly basis law firms blowing ad spend on ads outside of their target area. 

This happens for a lot of reasons, but most often it’s the result of a simple oversight by the lead provider. This is an expensive oversight indeed. And it most cases the lawyer or receiving firm are not aware of this important misalignment. The net effect of this oversight is attorneys paying for leads that they really do not want, and do not meet their criteria.

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