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Personal injury leads are the lifeblood of any law firm that specializes in recovery and justice for personal injury clients. At LegalLeads Digital, we only want to work with attorneys who share the same passion for seeking justice for those who have been unjustly injured. It is a noble and necessary cause.

We have all dealt with large insurance companies that seem to have one interest guiding their actions: managing the bottom line. They often times act with a calloused indifference to the humanity of the situation, and see every case as an annoying burden. Even when the case is screaming for humanity and fairness.

Lead Quality is King, but It’s Not Easy

Lead quality is the foundation of our business. Many marketing firms talk about lead quality, but have they invested in all the resources required to make it a reality? And have they put in the years of work, and all of the mistakes that go with it, to ensure their process actually produces top quality? These are important questions, and you don’t want to pay for leads while your marketing agency is learning on your dime.

There are a number of integral pieces to this complex puzzle:

  • Ad Platforms
  • Ad Creatives
  • Funnel Landing Pages
  • Quiz Segmentation
  • Results Pages
  • API Integrations
  • Lead Follow-up Actions

Each of these steps has layers of complexity to be done correctly. 

A Perspective of Fairness and Justice

Personal Injury LeadsWe spoke with an attorney in California some time ago in an introductory meeting. She was making the point that her pipeline was full, and she did not need more leads for personal injury cases. Except that she had a unique way of putting it….

“The last thing I need are more wretched whiny folks shoveled my way, and worst yet letting you charge me a fee for it.”

Qualified & Vetted

First, the problem with this particular attorney’s perspective is the obvious. If that is your take on the people you should be serving, you might be in the wrong business. That being said, we fully understand the problem with lack of vetting and qualification of leads. We know it can become overwhelming with the wrong type of PI leads entering your lead flow. And we know there are plenty of cheap PI leads floating around the internet.

Qualifying and vetting personal injury leads is the cornerstone of our business. It is what makes LegalLeads Digital different from most other lead generators in the legal space. We have years of proven optimization and vetting systems to ensure our funnels are superior at lead segmentation.

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