Our Process

At LegalLeads Digital, we make the process ultra simple. There are plenty of marketing groups that make it complicated, cumbersome, and entangling to engage with their company. You get locked in and then it’s hard to measure the return on your marketing dollars.

We like to make the process simple, clear, and easy to measure the results. We have been doing this for a decade, so we know the kind of return your firm can expect as long as you do your part with follow-up and service. And if you need help with your part, we’ve got lots of tools and automations to improve lead follow-up and conversion rates.

A Simple Process

Lead Quiz
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Take a short quiz to see if you’re a fit for us, and we’re a fit for you. If we’re not a fit based on a number of factors, we’ll let you know. If we are, let’s crush it!

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Order Form

Complete a detailed online order form with all the details of your lead campaign, to include lead type, geo, and delivery method.

MVA Campaigns
Leads for Attorneys

Campaign Set Up

We agree on the type of lead, the quantity of leads, the price per lead, and the delivery method, and we start setting up the campaign.

Lead Delivery Options
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Lead Delivery

Within 3 business days of our agreement, you will start receiving qualified leads to convert and grow your firm.

Continuous Improvement In Our Process

We are always trying to get better at what we consider the foundation of our business:

  • The quality of our delivered leads
  • Percentage at which they convert into clients
  • The all-important CPA – our goal is to drive this down on a monthly basis

We realize that this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road for our clients. They pay us for results, and that’s what we deliver. It’s not always perfect, but it’s in the Top 10%. And it’s always getting better. 

What Our Process Is Not

We take pride in delivering top quality legal leads for our clients, and we also take pride in the simplicity of the process that we have honed over the years.

It’s also important to convey what we are not, and is not a part of the process at LegalLeads Digital.

Our Process Is

Our Process Is Not