The Role of Social Media for Your Firm

Social Media for Law Firms

The role of social media is becoming more and more important each and every year. There are many reasons for this, but our discussion today is related to your website.

It’s always surprising to us how many established law firms underestimate the role of social media in a law firm. The proof of this is how many websites do not have their social channels connected to their website.

There are many firms that have websites that have strong authority and domain age, and yet their social profiles are MIA. This is a major league oversight, as there are many good reasons to connect your social profiles to your website.

Which Social Media Profiles Should You Have?

The first question to answer, is which social media profiles should I have? For law firms it’s important to have the most active media platforms today, as well as tomorrow.

So what does this mean? We have clients who have told us, “But no none of my clients or prospects are on TikTok!” This may very well be true! However, your future clients are on TikTok. Your clients 10 years in the future are on TikTok today.

So it’s important to get your foot in that door early, as it takes time to gain a foothold on any social platform. So it makes sense to at least start building a foundation today in order to target tomorrow’s clients.

Social Profiles We Recommend Today

The main platforms we recommend today are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube 
  • TikTok

And you might wonder why a YouTube channel is important for a law firm. Even if videos are not crucial to your messaging or your advertising, it’s still important to have a channel.

This is because of the synergistic effect of having your entire digital profile working together. Google indexes your YouTube channel just like it indexes your website. And the text underneath your videos is key to improving your overall digital presence. So you want to mention keywords related to your firm’s target market, such as “injured at work” for example.

And Google owns YouTube, so they obviously put a lot of stock in what happens there.

Staying Active Is a Must

Another key component to your social efforts is staying active on the channels that you have. So if you have a Twitter account connected to your website but you never post, it’s not doing much good. In fact, it likely has the opposite effect, because if somebody goes to the page and sees no activity that’s not a great look.

So you want to make sure you are posting at least once a month on the social channels that you have connected to your website. The more active the better, and even three times a week for the first few months, and then level off.

The Synergistic Effect of Brand

There is also a great power in having the synergy of your brand working together. Google loves brands! So so it’s a powerful impact of having your brand aligned on all of your digital channels.

This means you want the following to equal:

Brand Name = Social Profiles = Social Handles = URL’s

Law Firm Social MediaSo for example, this would be complete alignment for your brand. And for this example, let’s say the brand is Action Law Firm.

Page Name: Action Law Firm
Handle: @actionlawfirm

Page Name: actionlawfirm

Handle: actionlawfirm

Company: Action Law Firm

It’s very hard to get your brand name in a youtube URL, but at least call your YouTube channel name your brand name.

The Power of Alignment

When all of this lines up with the brand name, it’s powerful. And keep in mind, for the sake of your digital presence you want a brand like Action Law Firm, not Action Law Firm & Associates, LLC. Keep your brand simple. That is what will have the most effect, and also look better in URL’s and handles. 

And as it relates to future social channels. Always keep your eye out for the next big social platform. And if you hear it or see it or suspect it…grab your account and secure that all-important URL. It’s nearly always free, and it’s a wise move.

To learn more about the power of social media in your law firm, contact us for a free check-up.

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