SSD Leads

SSD Leads

Social Security Disability leads, or SSD leads, are a specialty at LegalLeads Digital. Our SSD leads convert at a high percentage, and there are several reasons for this.

First, our funnels are tested and optimized and our creatives have years of testing and optimization behind them. And second, when campaigns are structured correctly, you are marketing to an audience with a very clear need.

Connecting With Your SSD Prospects

The key to this marketing is being able to properly connect with the audience. And this is more art than science, as many people do not realize they are eligible for SSD benefits.

At LegalLeads Digital, we have the expertise and experience to effectively connect with this audience. We know the triggers and ways to reach them, and cut through the pervasive online noise to connect with their need.

And you might have plenty of SSD prospects coming in the door. We have clients that start with us with strong caseloads, and are simply looking to augment that caseload. Often times they find that our social security disability leads convert at a higher percentage, so our legal partners can then make decisions on the best lead source for their firm.

Advertising Platforms to Connect With SSD Prospects

We use a number of platforms to market to the SSD audience, but we find that one platform in particular works extremely well. But after ten years in the lead generation business, we know that can change.

Some platforms become too competitive and the advertising cost becomes cost prohibitive. So as a lead generation agency, you must have expertise in all major platforms so that you can pivot when necessary.

And the key is testing. We are always testing multiple platforms to see where the value is in any given month. The SSD leads that we provide to our clients are validated, vetted, and qualified so that only legitimate leads hit your email inbox or CRM.

Social Security Disability Leads

Leading Funnels and Crème de la Crème Software

We have years of experience optimizing the strongest funnel platforms to qualify and vet prospects. This is a key component in the SSD lead generation process. There are always curiosity seekers and tire kickers passing the time and poking around. We keep this bunch away for your inbox and CRM. If not, you won’t like the lead quality.

We ask every prospect who raises their hand a series of questions to get to the crux of their need. This is vital to ensure lead quality, and also ensure that curiosity seekers are screened from the process. Many providers ask name, email, and phone number, and not much more. And they also don’t validate data, so the range of errors is broad.

Lead Delivery and Follow Up

Lead Follow Up AutomationsWe also have state-of-the-art lead delivery systems to ensure proper follow-up. Many studies have been done on the importance of effective follow up, and it is a game changer. If your follow-up process is weak or non-existent, then lead quality doesn’t matter.

If the process is not efficient and fast, a full 50% of prospects will be left standing at the door. However, if the lead delivery process is seamless, and the follow-up is powerful and immediate, the chances of converting prospects into clients increases a factor of 20…or more.

Become a Top 1% Law Firm in Lead Management

We help our legal clients not only improve their follow up, but become a top 1% firm in proper lead management. The importance of this component simply cannot be overstated. 

Part of this process is automations to stay connected to your SSD prospect once they make initial contact. We have a range of automations and follow up tools that insure contact with the prospect is professional and thorough.

It makes the ability to convert leads into clients a much easier proposition.

If you send 100 SSD leads of average quality to a firm with superior follow-up and automations in place, they will likely convert 20 to 30 prospects into clients. They will tell the lead provider “Yeah, the quality was average but we’re pretty satisfied.”

If you send the exact same 100 leads to a firm with poor follow-up and no automations in place, they might convert 5 leads into clients. And they will tell the lead source “Wow, those leads were absolutely terrible!”

That is the balance of proper lead follow-up and effective lead management.

Contact us to inquire about our SSD leads, and how we can help your firm grow.