What Determines the Quality of a Lead?

What Determines the Quality of a Lead?

Sometimes you meet digital marketers who promise you an endless supply of leads and traffic. While they can deliver on their pledges, are they quality leads? What exactly determines the quality?

Any lead with a high propensity to convert into a paying client is quality. Expert digital marketers use lead-scoring techniques to sort out leads from strays.

The legal industry is fast-paced, and leads can turn cold within hours due to high competition. So, how do you know quality leads? Keep reading to find out.

Leads Delivered in Real-Time

Remember, your competitors are eying the same customers as you. Therefore, your leads need to be delivered in real-time. At least the same day.

That way, you can engage quickly and nurture the lead before it gets scooped up by someone else. If they get delivered a day after, chances are they have already been in contact with another law firm. You won’t just lose your money on unsuccessful clients but also waste valuable time.

Quality Leads Have Exclusive Rights

Some marketing firms tend to sell a similar batch of leads to different law firms. It’s unethical. It compromises the quality of the leads because you’ll be cold-calling people who have already talked to your competitors. (1)

When a lead is exclusive, that means you have the sole right to it. No one else can get in touch with that lead, and your chances of success are higher.

Working with a reputable firm such as ALegalLeads Digital guarantees exclusive access to a batch of leads. The moment you pay for them, they become yours. This axes out any chances of competition from other law firms.

Quality Leads Get Vetted and Approved

Quality Leads Get Vetted and ApprovedA lead is more than just random email addresses and phone numbers. Your digital marketing firm should go the extra mile to qualify every lead before delivering them.

The quality of leads also boils down to the accuracy of information. If a lead’s email bounces or the phone number is wrong, it isn’t quality. You’ll waste time and resources following up on bad information.

When you get in touch with ALegalLeads Digital, you can be sure that all the leads have been vetted and approved. We verify each email address, phone contact, and other information beforehand. That way, you’re only working with quality leads that are more likely to convert.

Get access to Quality Leads Today!

It would help if you didn’t struggle to prepare legal documents and still worry about finding quality leads. At least not when there are reliable digital marketing firms such as ALegalLeads Digital. We take care of the lead generation aspect while you focus on your core competencies.

We understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to chase leads that turn out to be duds. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of expert digital marketers and developed an efficient process for qualifying and delivering leads.

Want to scale your legal business? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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