What Is Lead Quality?

Quality Legal Leads

What is lead quality, and why is it important? If you operate a growing law firm, this is a question that you should be concerned about. As nothing can eat up your time (and your team’s) like receiving and chasing down low-quality leads!

And you might have a strong lead flow right now with enough case load for you and two more firms, but we all know things change. And it’s vital to always work to future proof your revenue stream. That is critical foundation work that every law firm should be pursuing on a daily basis.

What Affects Lead Quality

Many things affect lead quality, but here are some fundamentals that simply have to be nailed down correctly:

  1. Is the phone number a real phone number that has been verified and validated?
  2. Is the email a real email with a verified source and platform?
  3. Is the prospect properly aligned with your target service? 
  4. Is the geographic target area aligned?
  5. Do you have lead criteria nailed down with your advertiser? (I only want PI leads less than 1 year aged)

One of the very best ways to filter and segment leads is to take the prospect through a detailed, yet user friendly, quiz. This has to be done the right way, as if it’s not your prospect will fall out of the funnel It’s a delicate balance that is honed over months and years of testing.

Many advertisers do their advertising in bulk, and do not have proper segmentation in place to ensure clients’ needs are properly aligned with the advertising channels. So intellectual property attorneys in Utah might get personal injury leads out of Georgia. This happens all the time, and slick advertisers will make it sound normal and unavoidable. It’s all avoidable for the most part, it just requires diligence and experience.

Not All Leads Are Created Equally

Many law firms accept the leads and prospects that come their way without understanding the backend process. They trust the advertising source is doing due diligence to improve lead quality, and has proper controls in place to do this.

However, in most cases this is simply not true. Only a fraction of advertising agencies take advantage of the full scope of tools to improve legal lead quality.

Getting Comfortable Is Risky

We all know it’s easy to get comfortable when business is booming and you’re turning away prospects left and right. These are good problems to have, but they often times don’t last forever.

Market conditions change, and you want to make sure that you keep your lead sources and prospect channels diversified. It’s very possible to go from overwhelmed with lead flow to completely shut off if you’re not careful. 

Advertising accounts get shut down often, and any agency that has been in the market for years has likely experienced it. So make sure your lead flow is fully diversified, and demand that of your marketing company. They need to be proficient on every digital platform, and always on the hunt for new opportunities!

Contact us for a free marketing check-up where we’ll analyze your lead quality and costs, and also give your website a full analysis.

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