What Is The Best Way To Vet MVA Leads?

What Is The Best Way To Vet MVA Leads?

Evaluating the quality of leads is critical if you want to grow your practice and stay ahead of the competition. Motor vehicle accident (MVA) leads are highly competitive and only benefit a personal injury attorney who can quickly and accurately vet their value.

But how do you do that and save up on wasted effort, time, and money? Here, we’ll briefly discuss three proven techniques for vetting MVA leads and maximizing your chances of conversion.

Ensure They Are Legitimate

Most personal injury attorneys use third-party lead generation companies like LegalLeads Digital to obtain MVA leads. Sadly, not all of them have high ethical standards. Some can outrightly scam you by giving you just a list of phone numbers they obtained through the guise of a “free consultation.”

Confirm that your MVA lead provides accurate information to save yourself from such scenarios. First and foremost, they must have every critical detail, such as full name, phone number, and email. Additionally, check if they capture the accident details like the date, location (state), and if it’s a motor vehicle accident.

The Recency of the Accident

A more recent motor vehicle accident lead is easier to convert than an old one. If a person has had an accident, they will often seek legal representation almost immediately. They will try to find an attorney right away and are open to various offers.

If the first attorney they speak to is you, the better for your business. They will likely settle for your services, and you can dive into the specifics. If MVA leads from your legal leads provider are several weeks old, your effort to convert them will be fruitless. It’s possible they already found and hired an attorney, and even if they haven’t, they probably have listened to other pitches like yours and aren’t interested.

Understanding Who Is At Fault

When determining the validity of the leads you’ve just received, it’s essential to establish fault. Is your potential client a victim of the accident, or did they cause it? Generally, If they were not at fault, or only partially at fault, they are more likely to have a viable claim.

High-quality MVA leads will have clear information on faults. Ensure you ask for this information and thoroughly review it before proceeding with the lead. This info will also help you assess the strength of their case and determine if it’s worth pursuing.

Quality Leads From Legal Leads Digital

Legal Leads Digital provides quality MVA leads that will provide business growth for your law firm. Our proven system and lead generation methods ensure that you receive high-value leads with a higher chance of conversion. We proudly serve United States and Canada with our industry-leading quality and service. Contact us today or apply for a free trial leads batch and see the difference.

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