What Is The Conversion Rate On MVA Leads?

What Is The Conversion Rate On MVA Leads?

It depends. MVA lead conversion rate varies depending on multiple factors involving the lead provider and the law firm. If you have high-quality leads, chances are a higher percentage of them will convert into paying clients; the opposite is true.

However, in general terms, converting at least 10% to signed contracts is a good closing. But what affects this conversion rate, and how can you increase it? Here, we’ll briefly discuss three factors that directly influence MVA leads conversion rate.

Quality of Lead Vetting

It’s easy to generate leads from the web, but verifying them is another whole ball game. Not everyone you get is really interested in legal services. Some are curious, while others just want to know how much you charge. Other times, they may have already found an attorney, which often happens when the lead is too old. Trying to contact such leads will only waste your time and resources.

Leads must be vetted; otherwise, it would be futile to try to convert them. How well you vet them will also determine the conversion rate. So, how do you go about it?

Firstly, you must get all the necessary information, including full name, phone number, location, type of accident, brief description, and email address. Once you have this information, the next step is to filter out factors such as the likelihood of litigation, fault determination, and insurance coverage.

Quality Of Lead Provider and Screening Process

The conversion rate on MVA leads also depends on where you got them. Your lead providers and their methods will affect the lead quality and how many you can turn into customers. A reputable MVA lead provider such as Legal Leads Digital often has a vigorous screening process that ensures you get value for your money.

While most MVA lead providers stick to ethical business practices, it’s true that some are just out to make quick cash. They often use spam emails or scams to generate leads and sell to attorneys. Such practices will most definitely lead to low conversion rates for quality issues or non-existent.

Another thing about quality lead providers is their screening methods. Reputable ones will employ various methods, including manual vetting, to ensure the leads have a genuine interest in legal presentation and have a potential case. (1)

Freshness of The Lead

Generally, more recent MVA leads have a higher conversion rate. If you can contact leads within two or three days after an accident, you are likely to have success in having them sign contracts. The longer you wait, the less the chances you have of converting them. They might have already talked to another law firm and settled or are tired of listening to pitches from attorneys.

Your lead provider should expedite the transfer of leads as soon as an accident occurs. They should be courteous enough to discard any lead that isn’t fresh. By doing so, you will have a higher conversion rate and avoid wasted efforts.

High Converting Leads From Legal Leads Digital

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