What % of MVA Leads Become Clients?

The percentage of Motor Vehicle Accidents or MVA leads that become clients depends on several factors. However, as a top lead provider for personal injury law firms, we at Legal Leads Digital can estimate the conversion rate to one in every six contacts made.

Here, we’ll briefly discuss the factors that impact this conversion rate. We will also provide tips on how law firms can increase their chances of converting MVA leads into paying clients.

Quality of Lead Capturing

The percentage of MVA leads that become clients largely depends on how your provider collected them. Simply put, the quality of the lead. But how can you determine if it is of good quality?

A quality MVA lead has to be in real-time. In a competitive space such as the legal industry, time is of the essence. That means any contact should be fresh and very recent, if possible, on the same day. Other qualities of a MVA lead include:

  • Exclusive rights
  • Vetted and approved

But how do expert digital lead providers get these quality leads that convert? The answer lies in the data-capturing process. For example, at Legal Leads Digital, we have a rigorous filtering system that keeps out poor leads. It ensures that the leads we give you have a higher potential to convert into paying clients.

Aggressive Follow-Up

Another factor determining what percentage of leads become clients is how aggressively a law firm follows up. Your competitors won’t rest until they’ve got the case you want. You need to do the same.

A potential client will likely hire the first law firm that gets in touch with them and makes a good impression. They might not be too enthusiastic listening to a sales pitch from the third and fourth law firms. You must be persistent, proactive, and aggressive when following up with MVA leads.

We recommend at least five points of contact within the first three days of receiving the lead. The contact methods include emails, calls, text messages, direct mailers, and even social media outreach. Ideally, the first response should be automated via an email or SMS to your potential client.

Then, within the first 24 hours, call them and introduce yourself. After that, space out your communications to ensure they don’t feel overwhelmed by too many messages from your firm. Such timely follow-up can help you convert more MVA leads into clients.

Get Quality Leads From Legal Leads Digital

While there is no definite percentage for the conversion rate, having quality leads and a follow-up strategy can increase the chances. At Legal Leads Digital, we provide top-notch lead generation services for personal injury law firms. We deliver real-time, vetted, and approved leads with exclusive rights. Contact us today via phone (804) 534-2500 or complete our online form to get started.

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