Who Is Your Lead Source?

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Having the right lead source is key to success with online leads. Many lead sources capture name, email, and phone number from the Facebook interface in what’s called a lead generation campaign.

This is the lowest quality of leads in the business. And if you’ve been receiving these type of leads unknowingly, then you likely think that Facebook leads are terrible.

However, there are many different ways to generate leads from the major platforms, like Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and others. Knowing the basics of these systems will help you to discern the incoming quality.

Many attorneys are mainly focused on perfecting their practice and serving their clients, and rightfully so! This is where an attorney’s time and energy should be focused. This allows you to build the strongest practice possible. And many attorneys trust that leads coming into their practice are qualified and properly vetted.

All Leads Are Not Equal

However, all leads coming out of the major platforms are not equal. As a matter fact, they are not even close to equal.

Here’s an example of that variation in practice….

Once a person sees an ad on Facebook that piques their interest, they might click the ad. But what happens next is as different an outcome as imaginable based on the company curing that lead development. If after the click the prospect types in name and email that then drops lead drops directly to your email inbox, then you likely have a very weak lead.

However, if it goes through a landing page with a detailed and effective filtering process that interrogates that prospect like a cross from Mary Jo White, then you’ve got a different type of lead! The level of quality is exponentially different.

It’s the In Between That Really Counts

Finding Legal LeadsHowever, many firms do not realize all of the in between steps that are critical to producing lead quality and conversion-ready prospects.

This is where experience and powerhouse technology rule the day. And it’s also critical that the entire funnel is somewhat long in the tooth, and has years of tweaking and optimizing behind it. And it’s often times the little tweaks that make the big difference.

It’s also important that the lead is properly nurtured to ensure the highest level of quality and conversion potential. A good attorney must be focused on his for her craft, and have the experience and market savvy to ensure all leads purchased have the full power of technology behind them.

There is a very broad spectrum of providers in the legal lead generation space. From the lowest technology and cheapest lead generation, all the way to the other end of the spectrum which is high-quality and powerhouse technology scrubbing the leads throughout the process. 

Questions to Assess Your Lead Source

Here are some important questions to ask your lead provider to ensure you will be getting the biggest bang for your buck when investing in online leads:

  1. What is your typical conversion rate?
  2. Do you validate phone numbers and email addresses?
  3. How do you vet leads to minimize low quality leads?
  4. Do you use any type of quiz or advertorial to improve quality?
  5. Do your leads come straight from the advertising platform or do they first hit a landing page?
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