Workers' Comp Leads

Worker Injury Leads

At LegalLeads Digital, our workers’ comp leads are qualified and vetted before they reach your CRM. We have state-of-the-art systems in place to ensure the highest lead quality in the market.

Most attorneys agree that the problem is not the ability to create and generate a high volume of leads to their firm. The issue is ensuring the leads are the highest quality possible. And even more importantly, the lead has been run through a vetting process to ensure more than quality. Also relevance aligned with the attorney’s specialty and geo target area.

State-of-the-Art Lead Vetting and Qualification

At LegalLeads Digital, our entire focus is generating the highest quality leads for our clients. We use cutting edge platforms and technology to ensure lead quality. And we are always evolving these tools to continue to hone the process.

It is our firm belief that our clients much prefer to receive 100 well-vetted leads that have been qualified, than receiving 1000 leads that are sloppy and unvetted.

We know this from years of servicing law firms, and dealing directly with attorneys, their teams, and also call centers. We know the job of converting prospects into clients is substantially easier when the right questions are asked in the advertising platforms. 

If you’re just trying to capture name and email in your campaigns, then you’ll have low quality and misdirected leads coming your way. However, if you drill down and dissect the intentions and backstory of each prospective lead, then your chance of success is substantially better.

There Is Little Justice In Workplace Injury

Many people assume that when workers are injured in the workplace, they are treated fairly. It is assumed that the employer and insurance company pick up the tab to make things right.

This is simply not the case.

Most of the cost to recover from workplace injury is borne by the employee. The graphic below is from OSHA and reveals the percentage of cost paid by the related parties.

Workplace Injury Leads

Assisting Workers With Fairness

Workers on the job often times don’t realize the extent of their rights. This is an unjust travesty. 

It allows corporate machines to take advantage of employees in their time of weakness. The employee is working to enrich the business’s principals, and this is their way to say thank you. It is simply unfair.

And not all businesses are guilty, by any means. There are many decent and fair-minded operators. But judging by the statistics from OSHA above, there are plenty who are not.

Our Marketing Finds These Disadvantaged Workers

Workers' Comp LeadsOur marketing has years of testing and optimization to find these workers needing help. It connects with employees who have been unfairly and unjustly treated at their workplace after injury. 

And through our years of experience we have learned these employees often times are oblivious to their rights. They are generally in that 50% who unknowingly bear the financial brunt of their own recovery. This should never happen. But it does…every day.

These employees have often times given up and are resigned to their misfortune. However, we are on the victim’s side. We like to reach out and offer a glimmer of hope that their workplace injury case has a chance for justice. And they don’t have to take out new credit cards to heal their injuries sustained at work.

At LegalLeads Digital, we consider our role that of a bridge. We are the connection between that lingering injustice and the solution to remedy and make it right.

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